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Download package content and use PowerShell during task sequence

Recently I discovered the Download Package Content task and found a why to use it with PowerShell during a task sequence. You would use this mainly to quickly download some files into your task sequence environment. This could be in the normal OS, or during OSD in WinPE. Recently I had a use case why this task comes in handy.

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Application installation randomly fails in SCCM task sequence

Working on the new Windows 1903 deployment, our goal is to deliver a faster and more clean deployment task sequence. We stripped some unnecessary tasks and changed the order of tasks. Because we’re in the development phase, we keep changing things on the fly. But last week, we experienced a strange problem. Applications would randomly fail to install.

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Faster driver implementation in your deployment Task Sequence using SCCM

I am currently working on the new Windows 10 v1903 at my company and our main goal is to deliver a fast and automated deployment. Implementing drivers through driver packages in SCCM can be very time consuming, so we needed a solution for that. And luckily, we found one. It’s very easy and maintainable. Here’s how to do it yourself.

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