Hi. I’m Bjorn. Currently working for Coolblue, the biggest e-commerce company in The Netherlands and Belgium. My goal is to provide our users the best IT Infrastructure they could wish for. Not just providing solutions, but creating robust and self sustained platforms. Platforms like SCCM, AirWatch, Windows Server and custom made solutions for other internal teams. One of the main applications to achieve this all, is Microsoft PowerShell.


My work is about research and putting pieces of the puzzle together to make something work. Finding good blog posts that actually helped me finishing these puzzles gave me the knowledge I have today. And it will give me the knowledge I need tomorrow. Therefore I decided to participate with my own blog and give something back to the community.

I really hope that you can benefit from the hours I spend solving problems and that it will enable you to make even better scripts then I do.

Let’s stay in touch

Feel free to ask me questions about my posts or problems you’re stuck with. I’m happy to help. Leave a comment on one of my posts, hit me up on Twitter or send an email.