Category: PowerShell

Active Directory on Windows Server Core

Just a quick post on how-to install Active Directory on Windows Server Core 2019. Once in a while I just rebuild my whole development environment including my Windows Server Core virtual machines. Rebuilding a domain controller on Windows Server Core is pretty easy, but requires just a few steps you’ll have to take one after another.

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Download package content and use PowerShell during task sequence

Recently I discovered the Download Package Content task and found a why to use it with PowerShell during a task sequence. You would use this mainly to quickly download some files into your task sequence environment. This could be in the normal OS, or during OSD in WinPE. Recently I had a use case why this task comes in handy.

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Create custom SCCM Task Sequence variables using PowerShell

Last week I worked on BIOS updates for our Dell desktops and our HP laptops in Windows PE. The result was lots of new tasks in the task sequence with WMI queries to determine the model. After a BIOS update the machine needs a reboot, but doesn’t when already updated. To keep things fast and clean, I needed to find a solution to save time. I solved this with custom Task Sequence variables using PowerShell. Read along to find out how.

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