Learn how to configure Azure Lighthouse

This week I was surprised that I could not find that much information on how you would configure Azure Lighthouse. Azure Lighthouse enables multi-tenant management of Azure resources in different subscriptions without the need to switch tenants or log in with different credentials.

Therefore I decided to write a post of my own with findings and useful information. Read along to discover the latest and greatest about Azure Lighthouse!

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Try and manage Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Microsoft released their new subscription-based Windows 365 Cloud PCs. With Cloud PCs, you rent a desktop environment in Microsoft Azure. There is a variety of CPU, RAM and storage options. They reside directly in your Azure AD tenant while also actively managed by Microsoft Intune.

I am seeing this as the sweet spot between a desktop virtualisation environment while giving users the freedom to create their own modern workspace. Let’s dive in and see what this new product has to offer.

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